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Clay Travis’ Net Worth in 2024 – Bio, Age, Wife, Kids

Clay Travis’ Net Worth in 2024: $20 million

Full NameRichard Clay Travis
Nick Name Clay Travis
Birth PlaceNashville, Tennessee, United States
Birthday6 April 1979
Age44 years (as of 2024)
Occupation Writer, Lawyer, Entrepreneur
Net Worth in 2024$20 million
Spouse Lara Travis (m. 2004)
Children 3
Info UpdatedJune 2024

Who is Clay Travis? Know Everything about Clay Travis

Clay Travis is a 44-year-old American lawyer, writer, sports journalist, television and radio host. He is well known for being a sports journalist and founder of the sports news website OutKick.

In his early career, Travis started practicing as a lawyer in U.S. Virgin Islands. He later worked for CBS Sports and FanHouse as a writer.

In 2011, Clay founded a conservative sports news website, OutKick. The site became a multi-million dollar brand for being the most visited website in the United States.

In 2015, he signed a deal with Fox Sports to bring his entire media empire, including OutKick, under them.

In 2021, Clay and Buck Sexton started hosting an American radio show, The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, on over 400 talk radio stations nationwide.

Moreover, Clay Travis has written four books, of which two are among the best-selling books in the United States.

Clay Travis’ Age & Birthday

Clay Travis was born on 6th April 1979 in Nashville, Tennessee, and was named Richard Clay Travis. According to his date of birth, Clay Travis is 44 years old.

At a young age, he developed an interest in sports and media.

Clay made headlines and gained national attention for his “pudding strike” in 2004. After getting frustrated for not being able to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket through the DirecTV account, he started eating pudding continuously for 50 days.

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He began a strike, forcing DirecTV to allow sports packages in the Virgin Islands. However, the strike didn’t give him the required result but made him a star in the media.

The following year, Clay started writing for CBS Sports’ website. He later left CBS for Deadspin and became a national columnist at FanHouse.


Clay Travis attended Martin Luther King Magnet at Pearl High School in Nashville. He graduated in 1997 and joined George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

He later earned a law degree from Vanderbilt University Law School and started practicing in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What is Clay Travis Net Worth?

Clay Travis Net Worth:
$20 Million

Clay Travis has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2024. He has earned all his wealth as an American lawyer, radio host, and entrepreneur.

Aside from this, Clay earns money as the founder of a sports media firm, OutKick. As an author, he is enjoying the royalties of his published books.

Moreover, his insightful commentary on major television networks like Fox News and Fox Sports boosted his career and gained him devoted followers.

How did Clay Travis become a millionaire?

How did Clay Travis' Net Worth reached at $20 million.
Clay Travis Net Worth

Career Journey

As a Radio Host and Entrepreneur

After graduation, Clay Travis started working as a lawyer in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Tennessee.

In 2004, his blog gained media attention, thus making him a star for his “pudding strike”.

In 2005, Travis started writing for CBS Sports. He later gave up his lawyer career while working for CBS and began writing a book, Dixieland Delight.

The following year, he left CBS and became an editor and writer for a sports blog, Deadspin. He also worked as a national columnist for the sports website FanHouse.

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In 2011, FanHouse merged into Sporting News. During this time, Clay Travis founded a sports website, OutKick, which became the most visited college football site in the United States.

Travis later worked at D1 Sports Training with NFL prospects in 2008. He wrote about his experience in a ten-part serial, Rough Draft.

Aside from this, Clay co-hosted a sports radio talk show, 3HL, on Nashville’s 104.5 The Zone alongside Blaine Bishop and Brent Dougherty.

He also worked for NBC Sports’ national sports radio show as a host.

In 2014, Clay Travis got hired by Fox Sports for a weekly college football Saturday pre-game show.

He later signed a deal with the network to continue working with his entire media empire, including OutKick, under them.

In 2016, he started a national radio show with Fox Sports Radio. Clay later began a daily sports gambling television show on Fox Sports 1 in 2018.

The show completed its four seasons before ending up in 2022.

In June 2021, Travis and Buck Sexton hosted The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show as a political commentator.

The show took over the time slot of The Rush Limbaugh Show on many radio stations.

Clay Travis’ YouTube channel for OutKick reached over 1 million subscribers in 2024.

As an Author

Aside from being a radio host, Clay Travis has written four books.

His two books, Republicans Buy Sneakers and On Rocky Top, are among the best-selling books in the United States.

Clay Travis’ Wife & Kids

In August 2004, Clay got married to Lara Travis. They together have three children and are happily married for eighteen years.

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Lara is a former Tennessee Titans cheerleader in the NFL and Vanderbilt Law School graduate.

Travis couple has kept their kids’ names away from the limelight. His kids are big fans of other sporting activities, especially football.

However, Clay got kicked out of his 11-year-old son’s Little League Baseball game in June 2022. It got shared on his podcast and made headlines.


Clay Travis is an American writer and radio host. He became famous as the founder of a sports news website, OutKick, in 2011.

At a young age, he showed his passion for sports. However, he graduated in law but left his attorney career to pursue his dream of being a sports journalist.

Clay started working for CBS Sports and later joined as a regular contributor on television networks like Fox News and Fox Sports.

His ability to fearlessly express his opinions on sports, politics, and popular culture brought him into the limelight.

Besides media presence, Travis is also an accomplished author and has written four books. He is an influential figure in the world of sports media nationwide.

In 2021, Clay started hosting a talk show with Buck Sexton as a political commentator.

As of 2024, Clay Travis’ net worth is over $20 million.

Quick Info

Who is Clay Travis?

Born on 6 April 1979, Martin Kove is 44 years old American Writer, Lawyer, and Entrepreneur.

When did Clay Travis get married?

Clay Travis married Lara Travis on August 16, 2004.

How many kids does Clay Travis have?

Clay Travis has 3 kids from his wife, Lara.

What’s Clay Travis’ worth in 2022?

The net worth of Clay Travis in 2022 is estimated at $19 million.

How Much Is Clay Travis’ Net Worth?

Clay Travis has an estimated net worth of $20 Million as of 2024.

What do you think about Clay Travis net worth 2024? Comment below.

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