6 Healthy Benefits of Green Tea

As we all know that green tea is the healthiest beverage. Loaded with numerous nutrients and antioxidants called catechins that really have impressive effects on the body.

It works wonders in improving brain function, lower the risk of cancer as well as in fat loss. Below you can know about more Benefits of Green Tea.

6 Impressive Benefits of Green Tea.

In fact, studies show that people who are having green tea regularly are less likely to get different types of diseases.

A warm cup of green tea can boost your immunity.
A warm cup of green tea can boost your immunity.

1. Green tea and cancer prevention

As per the National Cancer Institute, the number of polyphenols in green tea decrease tumor growth as well as protect against damage caused by ultraviolet UVB radiation.

The rate of Cancer tends to be lower in countries where people consume green tea regularly. But it is impossible to make sure that it actually green tea that prevents people from cancer or some other lifestyle factors. 

Some studies have shown that green tea may be helpful in the following types of cancer. And these two types of cancer are most common these days.

  • bladder
  • breast
  • stomach
  • prostate
  • skin
  • colorectal (bowel)
  • lung

2.Green tea and type 2 diabetes

We are all aware of the health benefits of green tea these days. Studies have shown that green tea helps in preventing or developing type 2 diabetes. But other studies have found no connection between diabetes and green tea.

3.Green tea and Skin Diseases

A study in 2007 confronted that green tea proves effective in the treatment of skin disorders like psoriasis and dandruff. It can be helpful to treat acne as well as other skin problems caused by bacteria.

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The polyphenols contained in green tea work as an intensive cleanser and also fight against skin infections.

Green Tea Myths, benefits and Facts - Is Green Tea Healthy?
Green Tea Myths, benefits and Facts – Is Green Tea Healthy?

4.Green Tea And Weight Loss

The benefits of Green tea are amazing. Regular consumption of green tea even helps you in losing weight. It may promote a non-significant weight loss in obese adults. However, some studies have not supported this fact.

Several studies show that it can boost the metabolic rate of the body that helps in the weight loss process.

It leads to decreases in the fat of the body, especially in the abdominal area. With this, you can burn 70 to 100 calories each day.

In a 12-week randomized controlled trial on people have shown that the green tea group made significant changes.

With its regular consumption, they noticed decreases in body fat percentage, waist area, body weight as well as belly fat.

5. Green Tea, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

The benefits of green tea are amazing. It not only improves your brain function but also protects your brain in your old age as well. As we all know that Alzheimer’s is one of the most common neuron diseases and leads to dementia.

The second most common disease is Parkinson’s.

Multiple studies reveal that green tea consists of catechin compounds. This compound has many protective effects on neurons. Moreover, it helps in lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

6. Green Tea and Bacterial Infection

The catechins present in green tea have biological effects. Many studies show that they can protect us from bacteria as well as inhibit viruses like the influenza virus. 

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Streptococcus mutans is the most common bacteria in our mouth. It leads to plaque formation, cavities, and tooth decay.

Multiple studies show that catechins present in green tea prevent the growth of Streptococcus mutans. It improves your dental health, lowers the risk of cavities and bad breath.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which green tea is best for weight loss?

Green tea is associated with many health benefits. Due to its rich antioxidant property, it works wonders on your body. you can pick any brand of green tea of your choice for weight loss. Nowadays, green tea is available in different flavors like ginger, honey, tulsi, etc.

Name different types of green tea?

These days, green tea is available in different types-
-Bottled with an artificial sweetener
-Tea bags
-As loose-leaf
-Green tea supplements (capsule)

What happens if I drink green tea every day?

If you are drinking green tea regularly, it helps you in weight loss, diabetes control, heart disease and reduce your risk of cancer.

How much green tea should I take every day?

You can drink 2 to 4 cups per day.

How much green tea is too much?

More than 10 cups a day being the upper limit. If you are sensitive to caffeine and go through insomnia, then 10 cups are too much for your system.

Is green tea bad for your liver?

The caffeine present in green tea, when taken excessively, might worsen diarrhea.

Green tea pills side effects?

Green tea supplement is little different than drinking green tea pills have some side effects range from mild to serious, such as diarrhea, vomiting, sleep problems, headache, irregular heartbeat, irritability, dizziness and many more.

Why green tea is bad for you?

Green tea is full of health-promoting compounds. If you are a regular consumer of it, then you can easily maintain your weight first. Secondly, it protects you from many diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

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