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Bernt Bodal’s Net Worth – Is Bernt Bodal Rich?

Bernt Bodal’s Net Worth:

Bernt Bodal a Norwegian-American businessman, and musician has an estimated net worth of $200 million as of 2024. He has accumulated all his wealth from the business of a seafood company.

His company’s annual revenue is over $600 million, and Bernt is one of the majority shareholders.

However, he retired from American Seafoods yet is serving as a board member.

Other than his million-dollar fishing business, Bodal is also a musician. He is presently a bass player with the rock band Aunt Mary.

How did Bernt Bodal become a millionaire?

As a Musician

In Norway, Bernt Bodal had a brief stint in a band named Host. He recorded three albums with them as a bass guitarist.

Unfortunately, the band got disbanded in 1978.

From the 2000s to the 2010s, Bernt played for the band White Sox with Alan White.

Moreover, he played with musical artists like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Sammy Hagar, and Roger Daltrey.

Besides being a successful businessman, Bodal continued with his musical passion by being the new bass player in a re-established Aunt Mary, a Norwegian rock band.

In 2016, the band released their first studio album, “New Dawn”, followed by a single, “Slave Parade”.

What is Bernt Bodal’s Net Worth in 2024 and How Does he Make His Money?
Bernt Bodal’s Net Worth

As a Businessman

After moving to the United States, Bernt Bodal started his career working as a deckhand on a fishing boat in Massachusetts.

He started cleaning fish guts from equipment at a processing factory.

Bodal spent 13 years fishing in Alaska and later became the part-owner of a trawler with Kjell Inge Rokke.

In 1990, Bernt joined American Seafoods as a minority partner. He later became the president of the company in 1994.

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In 1999, Bodal and a group of investors acquired the company American Seafoods, for $475 million, with financial backing from a New York equity firm. In January 2000, he became the CEO of the company.

Bernt owned over 67 percent of the company, becoming a majority shareholder in 2012.

In the same year, he was also got featured on the reality television series “Undercover Boss”.

Moreover, he also served as the board member of Assurance Foreningen Skuld.

In May 2017, Bodal retired from the American Seafoods Company after more than 25 years of service.

Bernt Bodal in Real Estate

In 2008, Bernt Bodal and his wife purchased a property in La Quinta, California, for $3.5 million.

They also built a 10,500-square-foot mansion in 2014 that has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

The gated community also has the property of Sylvester Stallone and several Kardashian family members a few doors down.

In 2017, the couple listed the property for sale for $11.9 million. It finally got sold out for $8.5 million in July 2020.

Bernt Bodal’s Biography

Bernt Bodal is 70 years old Norwegian-American businessman, musician, and entrepreneur.

He is well known for being the former director and CEO of American Seafoods.

Bodal’s seafood company is the best harvester in the United States, with about 45% of the catcher-processor market share.

The company’s annual revenue is approximately $600 million, with Bernt having the most shares.

Aside from business, Bodal is also a professional musician who worked with a music band named White Sox.

He has played with artists like Eddie Vedder, Sammy Hagar, and Roger Daltrey.

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In 2012, Bernt got featured on the reality series “Undercover Boss”.

In 2017, Bernt Bodal got retired from American Seafoods. However, he remains on the board. He is presently a member of the Norwegian rock band Aunt Mary as a bass player.

Bernt Bodal’s Age & Birthday

Bernt Bodal was born on 14th June 1953 in Oslo, Norway, named Bernt Olav Bodal. According to his date of birth, Bernt Bodal is 70 years old.

He grew up with his two brothers, Anders and Havard, in a small town on Oslo’s outskirts. Bernt’s father was a tram conductor, and his mother was a native of Lofoten.

Bodal witnessed his parent’s separation as a child.

Lately, his father remarried Solbjorg Bodal. The family later moved to the United States to work in the fishing industry.

As a teen, Bernt focused entirely on music to become a musician. He also became a member of the band Host.

However, he later started working as a fisherman for a fish processing company in Massachusetts and became a U.S. citizen gradually.


Bernt Bodal attended the Ski Norway High School and got graduated.

Bernt Bodal’s Wife & Kids

Bodal got married twice.

His first marriage was to Elisabeth Bodal in 1978. He has three kids: Alexander Olav Bodal, Ellen Bodal, and Thomas Bodal.

He later got married to Elizabeth Lynn Vargas. The two spent 17 years together before getting divorced. Also, Bernt and Elizabeth don’t have any children.

In 2020, Elizabeth joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

As of 2022, Bernt Bodal is dating Michelle Fox, a Californian-based businesswoman. She is the founder of The Rock Your Business and the senior vice president of Business Development at SentryHealth.

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Bernt Bodal is an Oslo-based businessman and musician. He got famous for being the CEO of American Seafoods.

He began his career as a musician with the band Host. However, Bernt left music to continue with the family fishing business in the United States.

From deckhand to CEO of American Seafoods, Bernt Bodal has earned his name in the fishing industry. He owns the majority of shares in the company, which has over $600 million in annual revenue.

After serving for 25 years, Bodal planned his retirement in May 2017. He is still a part of the board of members.

On the other side, Bernt is a bass player in the Norwegian rock band named Aunt Mary. As of 2024, Bernt Bodal’s net worth is estimated at $200 million.

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