Tom Hanks Net Worth 2023, Age, Height, Bio, Quotes

What is Tom Hanks Net worth?

Tom Hanks is a famous American actor, writer, and filmmaker known for his dramatic and comedic roles. As of 2024, Tom Hanks Net worth is estimated at $400 million.

Tom is regarded among the best-paid actors in Hollywood. His domestic lifetime box office worth is roughly $4.6 billion in total. 

Despite his domestic gross, Tom’s world total box office worth is more than $9.7 billion

By this, Tom Hanks became the world’s top consistent box office money-making actor.

Tom Hanks Age

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks was born on July 9, 1956, in Concord, California, U.S, and raised near San Francisco. As of 2024, Tom Hanks Age is 66 years.

 His father had English ancestry whereas his mother was of Portuguese descent. 

Tom studied drama at California State University at Sacramento. Later, he joined the Great Lakes Theater Festival. 

In 1980, Tom Hanks shifted to New York City where he co-starring role in the cross-dressing sitcom Bosom Buddies.

Tom Hanks’s Journey to Stardom

Tom Hanks gets spotted in 1988 for his role in “Big”. He went to appear on numerous films such as  Toy Story, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Cast Away, Saving Private Ryan, and many more.

With this, Tom Hanks became the second star who has earned back-to-back awards for Best Actor.

He got these awards for his acting in Philadelphia in 1993, Forrest Gump in 1994, etc.

Moreover, in 1996, tom wrote and directed the movie “That Thing You Do”. His other movies as a director are The Polar Express, Cast Away, etc.

Tom Hanks Salary & Net Worth

Tom’s first paychecks came in 1984 with Splash. He earned more than  $70,000 from this movie. 

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In 1988, he got $1.75 million for “Big” and $5 million for “Punchline”. Moreover, in 1993 he earned a $7 million salary approximately for filming Forrest Gump.

What is Tom Hanks Net Worth in 2024 and how does he make his money?
Tom Hanks Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Bio, Wife, Children & Revenue

 But because of the over budgeting of this movie, tom offered to leave his salary in exchange for “first dollar” backend points. 

In that situation, this actor got a share of the box office receipts owed to Paramount. Gump went on to be a box office hit, Tom Hanks made extremely well money. 

From 1988 to 2010, Hanks made roughly $300 million in movie salary alone. This amount contributed enough to Tom Hanks’ net worth.

In the next decade, he earned around another $100 million.

In total, we can say that Tom Hanks has earned around $400 million in movie salaries during his filmy career.

Tom Hanks Real Estate Assets

In 1991, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson bought a big oceanfront mansion for $2.95 million from a director, John Frankenheimer.

At present, this house is worth around $20 million.

In 2010, Tom and his wife spend approximately $26 million to own their primary residence in the Pacific Palisades.

In May 2017, Tom and Rita sold their houses for $18 million. They jointly have five other homes in the Pacific Palisades.

In total, Tom and his wife have an estimated worth of $150 million.

Tom Hanks’ Famous Quotes

Tom Hanks' Famous Quotes

The same way that I know that I’ll never do a movie as good or as celebrated as ‘Forrest Gump,’ I know that I’ll never do a movie as bad as ‘Bonfire of the Vanities.’

At the end of the day it’s got to be a good movie, it’s got to be a funny movie, and it’s got to make people think, ‘Hey, I couldn’t have spent my time any better.’

Tom Hanks Height, Physical Stats

Height 6 ft 0 inches (183 cm)
Weight 82 kg (181 lbs)
Race White
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Shoe Size 11 (US), 10.5 (UK), 44.5 (EU)

Tom Hanks Movies List

  • Big (movie released in 1988)
  • Volcano (movie released in 1990)
  • Radio Flyer (movie released in 1992)
  • A League of Their Own (movie released in 1992)
  • Forrest Gump (movie released in 1994)
  • Academy Awards (movie released in 1994)
  • Apollo 13 (1995)
  • The Green Mile (Movie released in 1999)
  • Toy Story 2 (1999)
  • Cast Away (2000)
  • Catch Me If You Can (movie released in 2002)
  • The Terminal (movie released in 2004)
  • The Da Vinci Code (Movie in 2006)
  • Evan Almighty (2007)
  • Captain Phillips (movie in 2013)
  • Inferno (movie released in 2016)
  • The Post (movie released in 2017)
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Who has Tom Hanks dated?

Tom dated Samantha Lewes from 1975–1987. The couple together has two kids, son Colin Lewes and daughter Elizabeth Ann. After that, he dated Rita Wilson in 1985. After dated 3 years, the couple got married on April 30, 1988, and was blessed with two kids named son Chester Marlon and son Truman Theodore.

Tom Hanks’ – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Tom Hanks is active in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

He has more than 12,299,843 followers on his Facebook account, around 15.9 million followers on Twitter, and he has about 9.4 million followers on the Instagram account as of 18 January 2024.

Facebook Account:

Twitter Account (@tomhanks):


Instagram Account (@tomhanks):



Tom Hanks is a famous actor in Hollywood. He has got the limelight by his outstanding in many movies such as ‘The Da Vince Code’, ‘The Green Mile’ and ‘Forrest Gump’. 

At last, we can say that Tom Hanks’ net worth will remain noticeable in the industry, As of 2024, Tom Hanks’ net worth is reached $400 million.

Quick Facts

Which was Tom Hanks’ first movie?

He Knows You’re Alone in 1980.

Which was Tom Hanks’ first TV show?

The Love Boat

Who is Tom Hanks’ wife?

He was married to Samantha Lewes from 1978 – 1987. Presently, his wife is Rita Wilson. Tom married to Rita in 1988.

How many kids Tom Hanks have?

Tom has four kids, including Chet Haze (rapper) and Colin Hanks (actor).

Which religion is followed by Tom Hanks?

Before marriage, he defined himself as a Bible-toting evangelical but after his marriage to Rita, he converted to a Greek Orthodox.

How tall is Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks has a height of 6ft 0 inch or 183 cm tall and has a net worth of $400 million.

How old is Tom Hanks?

Being born on July 9, 1956, Tom Hanks is 66 years old as of 2023.

Who are Tom Hanks’ parents?

His father’s name is Amos Mefford Hanks, who was Itinerant Cook. His mother Janet Marylyn was a hospital worker.

How many siblings Tom hanks have?

Sandra Hanks (elder sister),  Larry Hanks (elder brother), Jim Hanks (younger brother)

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