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Greekgodx’s Weight Loss 2024: Diet & Workout

Greekgodx’s Weight Loss 2022: Secret Revealed

Real NameDimitri Raymondo Antonatos
BirthdayOctober 6, 1992
Age in 202431 years old
OccupationTwitch Star
Before Weight Loss 167 Kg or 369 pounds
After Weight Loss 135.25 Kg or 298 pounds
Weight Loss31.75 Kg (70 pounds)

Greekgodx’s weight loss JourneyDiet, Workout Routine, Before & After

A British gamer, Twitch Streamer, and Youtuber, Greekgodx surprised his fans by dropping 70.2 lbs (31.84 kg) in a year.

Greekgodx’s weight loss is the result of his keto diet and weight loss exercises.

He disclosed his weight loss on April 27, 2019. At present, Greekgodx’s weight is around 299.2 lbs (135.71 kg).

Who is Greekgodx?

Greekgodx was born on 6th October 1992 in England as Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos. As of 2024, Greekgodx’s age is around 31 years.

Besides, he earned the name and fame as a Twitch Streamer, gamer, and Youtuber.

Even more, Greekgodx is widely recognized for playing challenging games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fortnite Battle Royale, and League of Legends.

On Instagram, he has more than 560K followers with 20+ million views.

In addition to the above, he is a popular YouTuber. He has a YouTube channel “GGX Talkshow.”

Greekgodx has hosted a podcast through his YouTuber channel and also has lots of fans.

Recently, he gets the attention for his incredible weight loss. Let’s dive deep to know more about Greekgodx’s weight loss journey & Key ingredients that helped him in this journey.

What is Greekgodx’s weight before?

Exactly How Greekgodx Lost 70 Pounds - Greekgodx's Weight Loss
Greekgodx before and after his dramatic weight loss.

Before starting the weight loss journey, Greekgodx’s weight was 369.4 lbs (167.56). He has a big mass of flesh on his body.

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So, most of his fans advised him to lose some weight to get rid of excess mass on his body.

As a result, he shed around 70.2 lbs (31.84 kg) in a year.

How much weight has Greekgodx lost?

In 2018, he opened up about his weight loss on Twitch and followers that he was going to shed some extra pounds.

After a year, he shared a picture on Twitter and revealed that he is now below 300 pounds.

Initially, his weight was around 369.4 pounds( 167.5 kg ).

Now he is 299.2 pounds( 135.7 kg ) on 28 April 2019. Dropping 70 pounds is not a small task.

But still, he stated that he is not happy as still, he is fat.

Key Factors of Greekgodx Weight Loss

  1. Keto diet:

Greekgodx has followed the Keto diet. This way of diet helped him to lose weight. Moreover, he stopped taking extra carbohydrates, sugar, and fats.

Greekgodx restrains himself by only eating a good quantity of meat.

Also, he substitutes his carbohydrate like rice with vegetables and fruits like broccoli, cabbages, and cauliflower.

What do you know about Greekgodx's Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan
Greekgodx Diet & Exercise Routine

What is Keto Diet:

As we said above, Greekgodx’s weight loss is the result of the Keto Diet.

Actually, in the diet, the carbs remained cut off and veggies and fruits take their place. But

remember, the keto diet does not work for all. So, it’s better to contact the weight loss expert before going on a Keto Diet.

  1. Stay Active:

To shed his weight, Greekgodx tried to stay active throughout the day. He followed a workout routine with a Keto diet.

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He did treadmill exercise as well as attended gym sessions.

You can also try mountain hiking, dance, trekking by the river, lifting weights, yoga sessions, etc to reshape your body.

  1. Calories Count:

Greekgodx’s diet plan made us clear that Calory count is the best way to check what you should eat, and how much you eat.

Limit your food and drink at least if you don’t want to change your diet.

But Greekgodx had suffered from the problem of Low Sugar.

So, it’s quite difficult for him to avoid sugar completely. Don’t Worry, if you have some kind of problem like him try to drink more WATER.

So, from the above discussion, we understand that there are only two ways of losing weight.

Either you go for surgery to cast out the fat or avoid carbohydrates, sugar, and caffeine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight has Greekgodx before weight loss?

His weight was 369.4 lbs (167.56).

How much weight has Greekgodx lost?

Greekgodx has lost 70 pounds ( 31.75 kg ) within a year.

Did Greekgodx get weight loss surgery?

No, he followed the Keto Diet and workout instead of weight loss surgery.

What is Greekgodx famous for?

He is a gamer, Twitch Streamer, and YouTuber who plays many games like League of Legends, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Fortnite Battle Royale.

Where does Greekgodx currently live?

Presently, he lived in Ormskirk, England.

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What do you know about Greekgodx before and after her dramatic weight loss?

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